Streaming client library for EkStep open speech API

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  import projectSunbirdOpenSpeechStreamingClient from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@project-sunbird/open-speech-streaming-client';


Client library for Open Speech API

This package contains a client lib to provide real-time streaming functionality for Open Speech API https://open-speech-ekstep.github.io/.

How to use it

Step 1: Install the package

npm i @project-sunbird/open-speech-streaming-client

Step 2: Connect to socket and stream

import {StreamingClient,SocketStatus} from '@project-sunbird/open-speech-streaming-client'

//Create instance of streaming client.
const streamingClient= new StreamingClient();

//Connect to inferencing server
streaming.connect('<inferencing-server-url>', 'en-IN'/* langugaue*/, function (action, id) {
    if (action === SocketStatus.CONNECTED) {
        // Once connection is succesful, start streaming
        streaming.startStreaming(function (transcript) {
            // transcript will give you the text which can be used further
            console.log('transcript:', transcript);
        }, (e) => {
            console.log("I got error", e);
    } else if (action === SocketStatus.TERMINATED) {
        // Socket is closed and punctuation can be done after it.
    } else {
        //unexpected failures action on connect.
        console.log("Action", action, id);


You can punctuate a text using the punctuation endpoint.

streaming.punctuateText('Text to punctuate', '<inferencing-server-url>', (status, text) => {
    console.log("Punctuted Text:", text);
}, (status, error) => {
    console.log("Failed to punctuate", status, error);


SocketStatus has two possible states.CONNECTED and TERMINATED


This repo contains examples inside examples directory

React Example

Location: examples/react-example

This example has a React implementation of a streaming client which points to https://inference.vakyansh.in. You can start example by npm start from inside examples/react-example.

By default, this examples will point to parent repo as SDK so make sure you have dependencies installed on parent project. You can change to point npm by updating package.json