Template for making easy-to-work-with tempates

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import raydeckRegistryManagerCli from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@raydeck/registry-manager-cli';


Template for making easy-to-work-with tempates



  1. Copy this template
  2. Clone to a local directory (eg git clone https://github.com/me/my-repository/ && cd my-repository)
  3. Run yarn && yarn setup to initialize the node package (Get rid of template strings - and this readme!)
  4. Happy Coding!

Useful Scripts

  1. yarn build will build using typescript pre-configured to node-compatible defaults
  2. yarn docs will auto-generate a README.md that starts with TOP.md, then adds CLI documentation (via commanderdoc) for any tool you have set up, and then library documentation after that.
  3. yarn test is pre-configured to test for typescript errors
  4. yarn watch will watch the codebase for changes and rebuild (using livelink)

Git code protections

  1. git commit will be blocked on the main branch unless you set the environment variable ALLOWMAIN=1 Branch commits and PRs are thus encouraged
  2. git commit also tests messages for meeting the commitline standard conventions.
  3. git commit blocks pushes that do not pass yarn test (as a base case, they must pass typescript compilation)
  4. npm publish will always rebuild the code, the documentation, and push those changes back to the repository.
  5. npm publish will only publish the lib and src directories - any others are no

A note on "main"

I made a deliberate choice to change the primary branch from master to main for reasons that are obvious to some. This repository endeavors to make that just automatic.

PRs and feedback welcome via GitHub issues.


npx @raydeck/registry-manager-cli [options] [path]

Get registry options from serverless source path

@raydeck/registry-manager-cli - v1.0.2





configureRegistry(path: string): any

Defined in index.ts:7


Name Type
path string

Returns: any