Test Renderer for react-three-fiber

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  import reactThreeTestRenderer from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@react-three/test-renderer';


React Three Test Renderer ⚛️🔼🧪

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@react-three/test-renderer is a React testing renderer for threejs in node.

yarn add @react-three/fiber three
yarn add -D @react-three/test-renderer

The problem

You've written a complex and amazing webgl experience using @react-three/fiber and you want to test it to make sure it works even after you add even more features.

You go to use react-dom but hang on, THREE elements aren't in the DOM! You decide to use @react-three/test-renderer you can see the container & the canvas but you can't see the tree for the scene!? That's because @react-three/fiber renders to a different react root with it's own reconciler.

The solution

You use @react-three/test-renderer ⚛️-🔼-🧪, an experimental React renderer using @react-three/fiber under the hood to expose the scene graph wrapped in a test instance providing helpful utilities to test with.

Essentially, this package makes it easy to grab a snapshot of the Scene Graph rendered by three without the need for webgl & browser.


RTTR is testing library agnostic, so we hope that it works with libraries such as jest, jasmine etc.

import ReactThreeTestRenderer from '@react-three/test-renderer'

const renderer = await ReactThreeTestRenderer.create(
    <boxBufferGeometry args={[2, 2]} />
          color: 0x0000ff,

// assertions using the TestInstance & Scene Graph