Rebilly Spinup CLI for generating websites based on Rebilly's templates

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  import rebillySpinupCli from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@rebilly/spinup-cli';



Rebilly's customer CLI wrapper of Gridsome to handle the automatic generation of websites. Based on a particular set of templates and components provided directly by Rebilly.


The CLI can be accessed globally after being installed as rebilly-spinup.


To create a new project run create:

rebilly-spinup create my-portal billing-portal

The second argument specifies the target directory, while third argument specifies the website template. At this time only the billing-portal exists in its early stage.

Developing and Building

After the project is created you can run additional commands from the target folder.

Run a local hot-reload server with develop:

rebilly-spinup develop

Build for distribution with build:

rebilly-spinup build

Run Gridsome's GraphQL explorer with explore:

rebilly-spinup explore