Core utilities for dealing with the dom and prosemirror within remirror

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  import remirrorCoreUtils from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@remirror/core-utils';



Provides core utility functions which are used throughout the remirror codebase.

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This is included by default when you install the recommended remirror package. All exports are also available via remirror/core/utils and remirror/core.


If you plan to support SSR and need to parse the html contents of the editor in an SSR environment then min-document is automatically added to all node environments.

However, min-document can't actually parse the content properly since the implementation is intentionally underpowered. To properly parse content from a html string you will need to install either jsdom or domino. These dependencies are only included within non-browser builds and won't bloat your bundle size in the browser.