NestJs CRUD for RESTful APIs - TypeORM

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CRUD (@rewiko/crud-typeorm)

for RESTful APIs built with NestJs

We believe that everyone who's working with NestJs and building some RESTful services and especially some CRUD functionality will find @rewiko/crud microframework very useful.


CRUD usage
  • Super easy to install and start using the full-featured controllers and services :point_right:

  • DB and service agnostic extendable CRUD controllers

  • Reach query parsing with filtering, pagination, sorting, relations, nested relations, cache, etc.

  • Framework agnostic package with query builder for a frontend usage

  • Query, path params and DTOs validation included

  • Overriding controller methods with ease

  • Tiny config (including globally)

  • Additional helper decorators

  • Swagger documentation


npm i @rewiko/crud-typeorm @nestjs/typeorm typeorm


  • @rewiko/crud - core package which provides @Crud() decorator for endpoints generation, global configuration, validation, helper decorators (docs)
  • @rewiko/crud-request - request builder/parser package which provides RequestQueryBuilder class for a frontend usage and RequestQueryParser that is being used internally for handling and validating query/path params on a backend side (docs)
  • @rewiko/crud-typeorm - TypeORM package which provides base TypeOrmCrudService with methods for CRUD database operations (docs)



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