Shareable commitlint config used by Rocketseat

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  import rocketseatCommitlintConfig from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@rocketseat/commitlint-config';



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Shareable commitlint config used by Rocketseat.


You can install it with npm or Yarn.

# npm
npm i -D @rocketseat/commitlint-config @commitlint/cli

# Yarn
yarn add -D @rocketseat/commitlint-config @commitlint/cli


After installing it, apply the config to commitlint by running the following command:

echo "module.exports = { extends: ['@rocketseat/commitlint-config'] };" > .commitlintrc.js


To lint commits before they are created, install Husky and use the 'commit-msg' hook.

# Npm
npm i -D husky

# Yarn
yarn add -D husky

After that, you can create a .huskyrc file or add to your package.json the following code for

Husky v4:

  "husky": {
    "hooks": {
      "commit-msg": "commitlint -E HUSKY_GIT_PARAMS"

Husky v5:

# .husky/commit-msg
# ...
npx --no-install commitlint --edit $1
# or
yarn commitlint --edit $1

Version Support

  • Node.js LTS >= 10.21.0
  • git >= 2.13.2


MIT License © Rocketseat