A React Hooks package for mutation-observer

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<script type="module">
  import rooksUseMutationObserver from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@rooks/use-mutation-observer';



Note: Future updates to this package have moved to the main package rooks. All hooks now reside in a single package which you can install using

npm install rooks


yarn add rooks

Rooks is completely treeshakeable and if you use only 1 of the 50+ hooks in the package, only that hook will be bundled with your code. Your bundle will only contain the hooks that you need. Cheers!


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Mutation Observer hook for React.


npm install --save @rooks/use-mutation-observer

Importing the hook

import useMutationObserver from "@rooks/use-mutation-observer"


function Demo() {
  const myRef = useRef();
  const [mutationCount, setMutationCount] = useState(0);
  const incrementMutationCount = () => {
    return setMutationCount(mutationCount + 1);
  useMutationObserver(myRef, incrementMutationCount);
  const [XOffset, setXOffset] = useState(0);
  const [YOffset, setYOffset] = useState(300);
  return (
          width: 300,
          background: "lightblue",
          padding: "10px",
          position: "absolute",
          left: XOffset,
          top: YOffset
            resize: "both",
            overflow: "auto",
            background: "white",
            color: "blue",
            maxWidth: "100%"
            Resize this div as you see fit. To demonstrate that it also updates
            on child dom nodes resize
          <button onClick={() => setXOffset(XOffset - 5)}> Move Left </button>
          <button onClick={() => setXOffset(XOffset + 5)}> Move Right </button>
          <button onClick={() => setYOffset(YOffset - 5)}> Move Up </button>
          <button onClick={() => setYOffset(YOffset + 5)}> Move Down </button>
      <div style={{ height: 500 }} onClick={incrementMutationCount}>
        <pre>Mutation count {mutationCount}</pre>



Argument Type Description Default value
ref React ref Ref which should be observed for Mutations undefined
callback function Function which should be invoked on mutation. It is called with the mutationList and observer undefined
config object Mutation Observer configuration {attributes: true,,characterData: true,,subtree: true,,childList: true}