Set of JS utilities

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Set of useful js utilities

$ npm install @s-ui/js --save


Consist of a chain of processing functions, where the output of each element is the input of next

import pipe from @s-ui/js/lib/pipe

const textToUpperCase = text => text.toUpperCase()
const textToArray = text => [...text]
const title = 'Schibsted'

console.log(pipe(textToUpperCase, textToArray)(title)) // ["S", "C", "H", "I", "B", "S", "T", "E", "D"]


Consist of a chain of processing async and sync functions, where the output of each element is the input of next. The result is a promise.

import {asyncPipe} from @s-ui/js/lib/pipe

const textToUpperCase = async text => text.toUpperCase()
const textToArray = async text => [...text]
const title = 'Schibsted'

asyncPipe(textToUpperCase, textToArray)(title).then(result => {
  console.log(result) // ["S", "C", "H", "I", "B", "S", "T", "E", "D"]


Parse, get and set cookies. Returns an object cookie with parse, get and set methods.

Note: set method does not work on server side.

import cookie from '@s-ui/js/lib/cookie'

// Parse
const {parse} = cookie
domain.config('cookie', parse(cookies))

// Get
const {get: getCookie} = cookie
const smartBannerCookie = getCookie('smartbanner')

// Set
const {set: setCookie} = cookie
const setSmartBannerCookie = setCookie('smartbanner', 1, {expires: 7, path: ''})


Creates an event and dispatches it

import {dispatchEvent} from '@s-ui/js/lib/events'

  detail: {
    parameter_one: 'one',
    anotherParameter: 2


Creates a debounced function that delays invoking func until after wait milliseconds have elapsed since the last time the debounced function was invoked.

Arguments func (Function): The function to debounce. wait=0: The number of milliseconds to delay. options={}: The options object. options.leading=false: Specify invoking on the leading edge of the timeout. options.maxWait: The maximum time func is allowed to be delayed before it's invoked. options.trailing=true: Specify invoking on the trailing edge of the timeout.

Returns (Function): Returns the new debounced function.

import {debounce} from '@s-ui/js/lib/function'

const callback = debounce(() => {}, 300)


Creates an insecure, but with pretty low collisions, hash based on MD5. Returns a string with the hash.

import {createHash} from '@s-ui/js/lib/hash'

const stringToHash = 'This is the string that we will hash'
const md5Hash = createHash(stringToHash)

console.log(md5Hash) // f97ed77ff4770b7d8f0a018223823d3b


A bunch of string utilities: remove accents, parse query strings...

import {removeAccents, hasAccents} from '@s-ui/js/lib/string'

console.log(removeAccents('París')) // "Paris"
console.log(hasAccents('Árbol')) // true
import {parseQueryString} from '@s-ui/js/lib/string'

console.log(parseQueryString('?targetPage=pta')) // {targetPage: "pta"}
import {fromArrayToCommaQueryString} from '@s-ui/js/lib/string'

  fromArrayToCommaQueryString({userId: 1, adId: 2, products: [3, 4, 5]})
) // 'userId=1&adId=2&products=3,4,5'
import {htmlStringToReactElement} from '@s-ui/js/lib/string'

htmlStringToReactElement('<p>No more dangerouslySetInnerHTML</p>')
import {getRandomString} from '@s-ui/js/lib/string'

const randomStringLength = 6
const randomString = getRandomString(randomStringLength)
console.log(randomString.length) // log = 6 || 15 by default
console.log(randomString) // qwerty
import {toQueryString} from '@s-ui/js/lib/string'

// example without setting encode option
const queryParams = {a: 1, b: 'lorem/ipsum', m: [1, 2]}
const options = {arrayFormat: 'repeat', delimiter: ':'}
const queryString = toQueryString(queryParams, options)
console.log(queryString) // 'a%3D1%3Ab%3Dlorem%2Fipsum%3Am%3D1%3Am%3D2'

// example with encode option
const queryParams = {a: 1, b: 'lorem/ipsum', m: [1, 2]}
const options = {encode: false}
const queryString = toQueryString(queryParams, options)
console.log(queryString) // 'a=1&b=lorem/ipsum&m=1,2'
import {highlightText} from '@s-ui/js/lib/string'

const highlightedText = highlightText({
  value: 'Cádiz',
  query: 'ca',
  startTag: '<strong>',
  endTag: '</strong>'
}) // "<strong>Cá</strong>diz


A user agent parser. Returns an object stats

  browserName: <string>,
  browserVersion: <string>,
  isMobile: <boolean>,
  isTablet: <boolean>,
  osName: <string>
import {stats} from '@s-ui/js/lib/ua-parser'
const {isMobile, osName} = stats(userAgent)
domain.config('isMobile', isMobile) // bool
domain.config('osName', osName) // string


Utilities to easily format classNames following the current convention for component-{children}-element--modifier

import {suitClass} from '@s-ui/js/lib/classes'
const baseComponent = suitClass('baseComponent')
const childrenComponent = baseComponent({children: 'childrenComponent'})

const className = childrenComponent({element: 'element', modifier: 'modifier'}) // outputs: baseComponent-childrenComponent-element--modifier