Provides test utilities to assist Salesforce CLI plug-in authors with writing non-unit tests (NUT).

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The @salesforce/cli-plugins-testkit library provides test utilities to assist Salesforce CLI plug-in authors with writing NUTs (non-unit-tests), like integration, smoke, and e2e style testing. For example, you could write tests to ensure your plugin commands execute properly using an isolated Salesforce project, scratch org, and different Salesforce CLI executables.


Add this library as a dev dependencies to your project.

yarn add @salesforcecli/cli-plugins-testkit --dev

Create a test file and import the utilities from this library that you'd like to use.

Using a different file extension will help separate your unit tests from your NUTs even if they are in the same directories. For example, if you use mytest.nut.ts instead of mytest.test.ts, you can have the following scripts in your package.json (assuming mocha).

  "scripts": {
    "test": "mocha **/*.test.ts",
    "test-nut": "mocha **/*.nut.ts"

See Samples doc for many testkit usecases and sample code

Example NUTs

Here are some public github repos for plugins that use this library for NUTs:

Running Commands

Although oclif provides a way to run commands locally using the local bin/run file...

import { exec } from 'shelljs';
const result = exec('./bin/run mycommand --myflag --json');

...that doesn't provide flexibility to target different CLI executables in Continuous Integration (CI). For example, you may want to run NUTs against the newly published version of your plugin using the latest-rc of the Salesforce CLI to make sure everything still works as expected.

The testkit provides execCmd which uses the TESTKIT_EXECUTABLE_PATH environment variable to run a plugin command, in addition to other useful builtin utilties such as json parsing, return type casting (for TypeScript) and command execution timing.

import { execCmd } from '@salesforce/cli-plugins-testkit';

const result = execCmd<MyReturntype>('mycommand --myflag --json').jsonOutput;
# Install the release candidate in the current directory using NPM
npm install sfdx@latest-rc

# Install the newly published version of my plugin
./node_modules/.bin/sfdx plugins:install myplugin

# Target the local sfdx
export TESTKIT_EXECUTABLE_PATH=./node_modules/.bin/sfdx

# Run NUTs (requires a test:nuts script target in the package.json)
yarn test:nuts

You will notice that the executable is not configurable in the execCmd method directly. If you need to run other commands not located in your plugin, use shelljs directly.

import { exec } from 'shelljs';
import { execCmd } from '@salesforce/cli-plugins-testkit';

await exec('sfdx auth:jwt:grant ... --json');
const result = await execCmd('mycommand --myflag --json');

Environment Variables

Env Var Description
TESTKIT_SESSION_DIR Overrides the default directory for the test session.
TESTKIT_HOMEDIR Path to a home directory that the tests will use as a stub of os.homedir.
TESTKIT_ORG_USERNAME An org username to use for test commands. Tests will use this org rather than creating new orgs.
TESTKIT_PROJECT_DIR A SFDX project to use for testing. The tests will use this project directly rather than creating a new project.
TESTKIT_SAVE_ARTIFACTS Prevents a test session from deleting orgs, projects, and test sessions during TestSession.clean().
TESTKIT_ENABLE_ZIP Allows zipping the session dir when this is true and TestSession.zip() is called during a test.
TESTKIT_SETUP_RETRIES Number of times to retry the setupCommands after the initial attempt before throwing an error.
TESTKIT_SETUP_RETRIES_TIMEOUT Milliseconds to wait before the next retry of setupCommands. Defaults to 5000.
TESTKIT_EXEC_SHELL The shell to use for all testkit shell executions rather than the shelljs default.
TESTKIT_HUB_USERNAME Username of an existing, authenticated devhub org that TestSession will use to auto-authenticate for tests.
TESTKIT_JWT_CLIENT_ID clientId of the connected app that TestSession will use to auto-authenticate for tests.
TESTKIT_JWT_KEY JWT key file contents that TestSession will use to auto-authenticate for tests.
TESTKIT_HUB_INSTANCE Instance url for the devhub org. Defaults to https://login.salesforce.com
TESTKIT_AUTH_URL Auth url that TestSession will use to auto-authenticate for tests. Uses the auth:sfdxurl:store command.