Opinionated ESLint configurations for LWC projects

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Opinionated ESLint configurations for Lightning Web Components (LWC) projects.


npm install --save-dev @salesforce/eslint-config-lwc @lwc/eslint-plugin-lwc @salesforce/eslint-plugin-lightning eslint-plugin-import eslint-plugin-jest

Note that @lwc/eslint-plugin-lwc, @salesforce/eslint-plugin-lightning, eslint-plugin-import, and eslint-plugin-jest are peer dependencies of @salesforce/eslint-config-lwc.


Add the appropriate configuration to the extends field in your configuration.

Example of .eslintrc:

    "extends": ["@salesforce/eslint-config-lwc/recommended"]

For more details about configuration, please refer to the dedicated section in the ESLint documentation: https://eslint.org/docs/user-guide/configuring#using-a-shareable-configuration-package


This package exposes 4 configurations for your usage.

@salesforce/eslint-config-lwc/base configuration

Goal: Prevent common pitfalls with LWC, and enforce other Salesforce platform restrictions.

Rules: LWC specific rules only.

@salesforce/eslint-config-lwc/recommended configuration

Goal: Prevent common Javascript pitfalls and enforce all best practices.

Rules: @salesforce/eslint-config-lwc/base rules + Most of the base Potential errors rules + Some of the Best Practices rules + LWC Best Practices.

@salesforce/eslint-config-lwc/extended configuration

Goal: Restrict usage of some Javascript language features known to be slow after the COMPAT transformation. LWC runs in COMPAT mode on older browsers (eg. IE11). To support new Javascript syntax and language features on older browser the LWC compiler transforms LWC modules. This linting configuration targets patterns known to be slow in COMPAT mode.

Rules: @salesforce/eslint-config-lwc/recommended rules + restrict usage of some slow patterns in COMPAT.

@salesforce/eslint-config-lwc/i18n configuration

Goal: Promote usage of @salesforce/i18n-service over 3rd parties, promote internationalization (I18N) best practices.

Rules: I18N specific rules only.


Add the i18n configuration to the extends field in your .eslintrc configuration file, for example:

    "extends": ["@salesforce/eslint-config-lwc/recommended", "@salesforce/eslint-config-lwc/i18n"]