In memory storage adapter for SaluteJS

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<script type="module">
  import salutejsStorageAdapterMemory from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@salutejs/storage-adapter-memory';




Set of minimalistic utils for Salute Assistants scenario implementation.

  • directly in code autocomplete for intents and app state;
  • strongly typed out of the box: whole SmartApp API types inside;
  • common types between scenario and Canvas Apps;
  • common API with Assistant Client;
  • runtime enitity variables and state validation;
  • nodejs web-frameworks integration support: expressjs, hapi, koa;
  • client frameworks integration support: NextJS, Gatsby;
  • any types of recognizers: RegExp, String Similarity, SmartApp Brain;
  • custom recognizer API;
  • intents and entities sync with SmartApp Brain;
  • session persisting adapters: memory, mongodb, redis;
  • assistants based phrases dictionary declaration support.

What's inside


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