Scrypta Javascript Library for build Blockchain enabled applications.

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  import scryptaCore from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@scrypta/core';


Scrypta-Core NPM

Scrypta Core

JS implementation of main wallet features.

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This is the main client side library of Scrypta Blockchain, written in NodeJS.

You can use this version by installing it directly from npm:

npm install --save @scrypta/core

Use your own IdaNodes

To override the IdaNodes list you've to rewrite the array like this:

let ScryptaCore = require('@scrypta/core')
let scrypta = new ScryptaCore
scrypta.staticnodes = true
scrypta.mainnetIdaNodes = ['http://localhost:3001', 'https://anotheridanode.com']

Scrypta-Core CLI (WIP)

If you want to use the module as a CLI you have to run:

sudo npm link

Then you'll be able to run commands like: scrypta getinfo

This feature is a work in progress and will be released soon.