Add scully to your angular app

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  import scullyioInit from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@scullyio/init';


Getting Started With Schematics

This repository is Scully Schematics for angular!


To test locally (dev in safemode), install @angular-devkit/schematics-cli globally and use the schematics command line tool. That tool acts the same as the generate command of the Angular CLI, but also has a debug mode.

npm run copy:generate
cd schematics/scully
npm run schematics

Testing in a project devMode

cd schematics/scully
npm run build
npm pack
cp -r scullyio-init-0.0.(tab) {{project_folder}}
cd {{project_folder}}
npm i --save scullyio-init-0.0.
ng g .\node_modules\@scullyio\init\src\collection.json:ng-add
ng g .\node_modules\@scullyio\init\src\collection.json:blog
ng g .\node_modules\@scullyio\init\src\collection.json:post --name="This is my post"
ng g .\node_modules\@scullyio\init\src\collection.json:markdown --name=test --slug=idid
ng g .\node_modules\@scullyio\init\src\collection.json:c-markdown --name=test --slug=idid
ng build --prod
npm run scully

Testing in a project with npm

For this test, first you need publish the schematics (see below), after this create an angular project. You can copy one of the seed project for test more fast.

ng add @scullyio/init
ng g @scullyio/init:blog
ng g @scullyio/init:post --name="This is my post"
ng g @scullyio/init:markdown --name=my-exmaple --slug=id
npm run scully

Unit Testing

npm run test will run the unit tests, using Jasmine as a runner and test framework.


To publish, simply do:

npm run copy:generate
cd schematics/scully
npm publish:{path | minor | major}