> ## note > > This plugin is in BETA, please let us know any issues you have with it

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This plugin is in BETA, please let us know any issues you have with it

This is the home of Scully local cache plugin for Scully. It provides local caching for Scully.

The cache works with a approximately 5 minute granularity. This means that when a resource is in the cache it will live for the time it has assigned to it, but with a 5 minute margin. When you have resources where this 5 minutes cache time is to long, set the resource to a TTL of 0 making it un-cachable.

To use this plugin you must first install it using npm:

 npm i @scullyIO/scully-plugin-local-cache

After that add it to your config file:

import { localCacheReady } from '@scullyIO/scully-plugin-local-cache';
import { ScullyConfig } from '@scullyio/scully';

/** note that the config must be a promise */
export const config: Promise<ScullyConfig> = (async () => {

// setPluginConfig(theVault, { customerId: 2, projectId: 2 });

/** Mandatory! *//
await localCacheReady({
   includeReferer: false,

 const conf: ScullyConfig = {
   projectRoot: './apps/demo/src',
   projectName: 'demo',
   outDir: './dist/static',
   handle404: 'index',
   maxRenderThreads: 24,
   routes: {
     '/user/:id': {
       type: 'json',
       id: {
         url: 'http://localhost:8200/users',
         resultsHandler: (raw) => raw.slice(0, 20),
         property: 'id',
 return conf;

config must be a promise.

Because the local-cache needs to initialize its cache before it can be used, and this is an asynchronous process, this plugin demands the Scully config the return a promise. You can use an async function as showen in the above config, or use a normal promise chain when that is your preference.

Runtime Parameters


If you want to do a local run of your app, without the Vault being used, you can add the command line option --noCache to your scully command.

npx scully --project MyProject --noCache

When you want to run a separate scully server, it must exclude the cache. start it like this:

npx scully --project MyProject serve --noCache

This is needed, because the local cache can only be used by once Scully instance.


the --clearCache option removes the local cache.

The Vault Config

The local-cache has a config object that can be set using setPluginConfig(theVault, customConfig); or using the await theVaultReady(customConfig); option. Settings provided to the theVaultReady() function will overwrite the setPluginConfig

export interface LocalCacheConfig {
  /** use the Referer as a key differentiation, defaults to false */
  includeReferer?: boolean;
  /** your environment */
  environment?: 'dev' | 'prod' | 'staging' | 'test';
  /** the default Time To Live. 12 hours if unset */
  defaultTTL?: number;
  /** TTL exceptions */
  ttlExceptions?: {
    /** the full URL, is used as: `testUrl.startsWith(urlStart)`  */
    [urlStart: string]: number;