Scully plugin to remove scripts

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<script type="module">
  import scullyioScullyPluginRemoveScripts from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@scullyio/scully-plugin-remove-scripts';



  • Description: This plugin will remove all the scripts tags from the incoming HTML. If you don't want to remove all you can use some of the options.
  • Type: Render Plugin

Getting Started

1. Install the plugin:

npm install -D @scullyio/scully-plugin-remove-scripts

2. Use the plugin:

export interface RemoveScriptsConfig {
  /** function that receives the script element and returns false when the script needs to be removed */
  predicate?: (elm: HTMLScriptElement) => boolean;
  /** defaults to true, keeps the transferState so the data.json can be generated */
  keepTransferstate?: boolean;
  /** defaults to `['scullyKeep', 'sk']`. array with attributes, scripts that have one of those will be kept */
  keepAttributes?: string[];
  /** defaults to `[]`. Array with strings, if the fragment occurs in the SRC of the script. the script is kept*/
  keepSrc?: string[];

You can use this plugin in scully by adding something like this to your scully.<projectname>.config.ts

import { removeScripts, RemoveScriptsConfig } from '@scullyio/scully-plugin-remove-scripts';

const defaultPostRenderers = [removeScripts, 'seoHrefOptimise'];
setPluginConfig<RemoveScriptsConfig>(removeScripts, {
  keepTransferstate: false,
  /** overwrite default by empty string! */
  keepAttributes: []

export const config: ScullyConfig = {
  defaultPostRenderers: = [removeScripts],
  routes: {

The above config will use the plugin on all routes. If you want to use in on a single route, add it to the config of that particular route like this:

export const config: ScullyConfig = {
  routes: {
    someRoute: {
      type: 'contentFolder', // Or any other type
      postRenderers: = [removeScripts],