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Getting Started

Installing sdkgen

First of all you need Node.js 12 or newer on your machine. We recommend using the latest LTS version, check for it here: https://nodejs.org/en/download/.

Install the global CLI:

npm i -g @sdkgen/cli

Creating an API description

Create an api.sdkgen to describe your API. For example:

type Post {
    id: uuid
    title: string
    body: string
    createdAt: datetime
    author: {
        name: string

fn getPost(id: uuid): Post?

You can then generate the TypeScript source for this description with sdkgen api.sdkgen -o api.ts -t typescript_nodeserver.

Creating base project

Let's start a new project with TypeScript:

npm init -y
npm i --save-dev typescript
npm i @sdkgen/node-runtime
npx tsc --init -t esnext

Then create a main.ts file:

// Import sdkgen's runtime and the generated file
import { SdkgenHttpServer } from "@sdkgen/node-runtime";
import { api } from "./api";

// Every endpoint described must receive some implementation
api.fn.getPost = async (ctx, {id}) => {
    return {
        title: "Getting Started",
        author: {
            name: "John Doe"
        body: "Lorem ipsum",
        createdAt: new Date(),

// Start a HTTP server for the API
const server = new SdkgenHttpServer(api, {});

Run the project

Build and run it:

npx tsc
node main.js