A npm package to check the responsiveness of your website and audit it's performance

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It is extremely important from the developer's point of view that your website is responsive and follows good practices. That's why we have developed web-review an npm package which will compile reports consisting of :

  • Performace of website
  • Responsiveness (Screenshots)
  • SEO capability
  • Accessibility
  • Best Practices
  • Progressive web app support

And serve it to you HTML format. All this is done by using lighthouse under the hood.

Install this package

npm install web-review -g

or Run this package locally

  • Clone the project on your machine
  • From your command line execute - npm link - this will add this package to global npm repo on your machine(/usr/local/bin)
  • To test working of Package - Create a dir wherever you want
  • From your command line execute - npm init -y
  • From your command line execute - npm link web-review - this will install the package from your local global.
  • Try out the package like this :


$ npm install -g web-review

$ web-review --sites='{"github":"https://www.github.com","zulip":"https://chat.zulip.org/"}' --resolutions='["1280x1024", "1900x1600", "800x600"]'

$ # and check
$ web-review --usage
Host web-review
Usage: web-review [options]

Examples: web-review --sites='{"github":"http://ww.github.com"}' --resolutions='["1280x1024", "1900x1600", "800x600"]'

  --title, -t        Title of the review                                       [default: "Review"]
  --sites, -s        Sites as JSON Object of strings                           [required]
  --resolutions, -r  Resolutions as JSON Array of strings                      [default: "[\"1200x800\"]"]
  --help, -h         Print usage instructions

or create a review programmatically:

const webReview = require("web-review");
    url: "https://chat.zulip.org/",
    resolution: ["480x320", "1024x768", "1024x768", "1280x1024"],
    url: "https://www.github.com",
    resolution: ["480x320", "1024x768", "1280x1024", "1920x1080"],

List of resolution sizes can be from this list sizes



The code of web-review is released under the MIT License. There is no limitation for both acadmic and commercial usage.

Feel free to raise issue if you find one! Contributions are always welcomed :)