Provides an UI to select an item from a pre-configured list of items

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  import sealinkCkeditorTagsPlugin from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sealink/ckeditor-tags-plugin';


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Allows the user to select from a pre-defined list of records and have it inserted into the editor at the current selection location.

How to Install?

npm -i ckeditor-tags-plugin --save


CKEDITOR.config.extraPlugins: 'tags'
CKEDITOR.config.tags: {
  'label': 'Tags',
  'items': []

Items have the format

  ["Item 1", "Value 1"],
  ["Item 2", "Value 2"],


Build / Deployment is handled via travis CI. Package management is via NPM.

First create the release branch

git branch release/0.3.0

Second Update package.json and specify the version you are releasing

Next Tag and push to travis

git tag v0.3.0
git push origin master --tags