Throws on a servere mongodb error.

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  import sealsystemsAssertMongoError from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sealsystems/assert-mongo-error';



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Test for a servere mongodb error and handle it by exiting the process, throwing a new generated @sealsystems/error error object or just ignore the error.

Default list of severe mongodb error codes to exit:

Name Code
InternalError 1
HostUnreachable 6
HostNotFound 7
NetworkTimeout 89
SocketException 9001
UnknownError 8
ProtocolError 17
IllegalOpMsgFlag 223
UserNotFound 11
Unauthorized 13
AuthenticationFailed 18
InvalidSSLConfiguration 140
SSLHandshakeFailed 141
OutOfDiskSpace 14031


$ npm install @sealsystems/assert-mongo-error

Quick start

First you need to add a reference to @sealsystems/assert-mongo-error within your application, then call the assert function in the callback of every mongodb call.

const assertMongoError = require('@sealsystems/assert-mongo-error');

yourCollection.find({}, (findError, cursor) => {

Assert Error

Test for a servere mongodb error. The function has three outcomes:

  • In case of a severe mongodb error exit the process
  • Without any of the optional parameters the mongodb error is ignored and the function returns.
  • If at least an error message is given as second parameter it throws a new created error of type @sealsystems/error. The original mongodb error is chained to the new error.
assertMongoError.assert(error, message, code, metadata);


error      object  mandatory  The error object to test
message    string  optional   Message used for creating a new error object
code       number  optional   Code used for creating a new error object
metadata   object  optional   Metadata used for creating a new error object

Set list of error codes

Use the setCodes function to set a new list of error codes. This needs to be done only once, e.g. at startup. The new list is available instantly throughout the whole node process.

const assertMongoError = require('@sealsystems/assert-mongo-error');


Running the build

To build this module use roboter.

$ bot