Mocha executable and test configuration for SEAL Systems

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Mocha executable and test configuration for SEAL Systems


npm install --save-dev @sealsystems/mocha

Quick start

Mocha is installed as a dependency of @sealsystems/mocha. So you can call mocha from the root directory of your project:

$(npm bin)/mocha

The package also provides some CLI executables:

  • test-run runs Mocha

  • test-coverage collects coverage data via nyc (which is also installed as a dependency)

  • test-coverage-check collects coverage data and fails if threshold (80% for all criteria) has not been reached

  • test-report collect coverage data and opens the generated HTML page

Please note:

  • Our standard assert library assertthat is also a dependency of this package. So you do not need to include it in your project's package.json.

  • In order to install all dependencies directly in the project's node_modules folder, you may need to delete package-lock.json before adding this package.

  • Mocha runs with the following settings:

    --ui tdd

To use these executables, add some scripts to your package.json:

"scripts": {
  "test": "test-run",
  "test:coverage": "test-coverage",
  "test:coverage:check": "test-coverage-check",
  "test:report": "test-report"

And call them via npm run:

npm run test
npm run test:coverage
npm run test:coverage:check
npm run test:report

Command line parameter

The commands evaluate command line parameters from package.json. All parameters prefixed with -mocha are passed to mocha without the prefix. All parameters prefixed with -ny are passed to nyc without the prefix.


"scripts": {
  "test": "test-run -mocha--max-old-space-size=2500 -nyc--check-coverage"

The above example runs mocha with the extra parameter --max-old-space-size=2500 and nyc with the extra parameter --check-coverage.

Implementation details

Please note: This module is part of the build and release infrastructure. In order to prevent endless loops when automatically updating dependencies via Dependabot, devDependencies are not included in the config file.