My personal cli for many awesomes

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import seanconnollyGen from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@seanconnolly/gen';



gen is my personal cli for many awesomes


Generating a NextJS static application

  1. Clone/create a new git repository
  2. Run one of the generator commands below or npx @seanconnolly/gen nextjs ssr in the root of the repository
  3. npm i to install dependencies
  4. npm run dev to make sure it's working

Next.js + Fauna

npx @seanconnolly/gen nextjs fauna

Next.js + Fauna + Material UI

npx @seanconnolly/gen nextjs fauna-mui

SSR Next.js (deprecated)

npx @seanconnolly/gen nextjs ssr

Static Next.js (deprecated)

npx @seanconnolly/gen nextjs static

Local testing

npm link

Publishing a new version

  1. Bump the version in the package.json
  2. npm publish