A Map-like structure with array keys

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A Map-like structure with array keys

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import { MultikeyMap } from "@seangenabe/multikey-map"

const map = new MultikeyMap<[number, number, number], string>()

map.set([1, 2, 3], "a")
map.get([1, 2, 3]) // "a"
  • All Map methods are implemented except that the keys are arrays.
  • Empty array keys ([]) are supported.
  • Storing keys differing in lengths are supported.
  • Keys must always be an array.
  • Insertion order is not kept.

Map implementation

  • get size(): number
  • get(key: K): V | undefined
  • set(key: K, value: V): this
  • delete(key: K): boolean
  • has(key: K): boolean
  • clear(): void
  • entries(): IterableIterator<[K, V>]
  • [Symbol.iterator](): IterableIterator<[K, V]>
  • keys(): IterableIterator<K>
  • values(): IterableIterator<V>
  • forEach(callbackFn: (value: V, key: K, map: this) => void, thisArg?: any): void
  • get [Symbol.toStringTag](): string

map.setKV(key, value)

setKV(key: K, value: V): boolean

Same as set except it returns a boolean indicating whether the value has been inserted. Otherwise, the value has replaced an existing value.


prefixEntries(prefixKey: SubArray<K>): IterableIterator<[K, V]>

Returns all entries whose key starts with the given prefix.