An opensource collection of ESlint configs used by SeaTentacle

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  import seatentacleEslintPlugin from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@seatentacle/eslint-plugin';


SeaTentacle ESLint Plugin

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The plugin uses @typescript-eslint/parser even for javascript projects.

npm i --save-dev @seatentacle/eslint-plugin

Note: make sure that your project has typescript and eslint installed.


Add @seatentacle to the plugins section of a .eslintrc file. In the extends section add the desired config.

  "plugin": [
  "extends": [

Note: make sure the appropriate extensions are passed in the eslint command. By default, eslint searches only for .js files.


The plugin contains two configs:

  • plugin:@seatentacle/javascript describes general rules
  • plugin:@seatentacle/typescript contains javascript config and rules specific for TS


The code is licensed under MIT.