Prevent document write from writing to your document and instead insert a new script to the dom.

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<script type="module">
  import sebgroupDocumentWriteIntervene from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sebgroup/document-write-intervene';



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Overwrites document.write function and will prevent it from clearing your document contents due to how document.write works when the document has been loaded.

It checks if the markup is a <script> tag and will load it asynchronous.

Otherwise it will insert the contents using insertAdjacentHTML on the body

Tested inside an Angular project.

It should work seamlessly with a React project.

Otherwise you could have a look at browserify to integrate it in your project


Install via npm:

$ npm install @sebgroup/document-write-intervene


const { intervene } = require('@sebgroup/document-write-intervene')


Unit tests:

$ npm t

E2E tests:

  • Chrome tests:
$ npm run webdriver:chrome

and then

$ npm run e2e:chrome
  • Internet Explorer tests:
$ npm run webdriver:ie

and then

$ npm run e2e:ie