Common SECBlock Resources, define genesis Block and init Informations

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  import secBlockSecjsCommon from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sec-block/secjs-common';



SECCommon SECBlock Resources, define genesis Block and init Informations


npm install @sec-block/secjs-common


All parameters can be accessed through the SECCommon class which can be required through the main package and instantiated either with just the chain (e.g. 'secblock') or the chain together with a specific hardfork provided.

Here are some simple usage examples:

const SECCommon = require('@sec-block/secjs-common')

// Access genesis data for SECBlock network
c.genesis().hash // 5f213ac06cfe4a82e167aa3ea430e520be99dcedb4ab47fd8Fertig!f668448708e34c1

// Get bootstrap nodes for chain/network
c.bootstrapNodes() // Array with current nodes

Chain Params

Supported chains:

  • secblock

The following chain-specific parameters are provided:

  • name
  • chainId
  • networkId
  • genesis block header values
  • hardforks block numbers
  • bootstrapNodes list

To get an overview of the different parameters have a look at one of the chain-specifc files like secblock.json in the chains directory.

Bootstrap Nodes

Use the SECCommon.bootstrapNodes() function to get nodes for a specific chain/network.

Genesis States

Network-specific genesis files are located in the genesisStates folder.