Move your files from folder to S3 with ease.

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import secretboyMovetos3 from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@secretboy/movetos3';




Move your files from folder to S3 with ease.


$ npm i -g @secretboy/movetos3


$ mts -d .

Command line options

Option Description type required default
-d --dir Directory to upload files from. string true none
-r --recursive Recursively scan the dir to upload all files. switch false off
-c --config-file Path to config.json file. string false none
-u --upload Upload files after scanning. switch false off
-l --list List files. switch false off
-a --append-random-string Append random strings to filenames before uploading. switch false off


config.json file is required when you enable the upload switch.

  "accessKey": "",
  "secretKey": "",
  "bucketName": ""

Example usage

# View help
$ mts
# or
$ mts -h
# or
$ mts --help

# check version
$ mts -V
# or
$ mts --version

# List files in current directory.
$ mts -d . -l

# List files from current directory recursively.
$ mts -d . -lr

# Upload files from current directory non-recursively.
$ mts -d . -lu -c config.json