PostCSS plugin to convert CSS to RTL

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  import sectorLabsPostcssToRtl from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sector-labs/postcss-to-rtl';


PostCSS to Rtl Build Status

PostCSS plugin to convert (left to right) CSS to RTL.

Enables projects that serve their CSS inlined in a style tag in the documents to build smaller, separate RTL and LTR CSS files for the LTR and RTL pages.

Use this instead of postcss-inline-rtl or other postcss pluging that produce a big CSS files containing rules for both directions.

To get even smaller files, use css-byebye to further strip the rules with the wrong direction from the resulting CSS.


Always have a dir="ltr" or dir="rtl" in your HTML tag.


/*  Normal code */
.class {
  color: red;

/*  => no change */
  border-left: 10px;
  color: red;

/*  Converts to: */
.class {
  border-right: 10px
  color: red;


postcss([ require('postcss-to-rtl') ])


+1 for rtlcss, postcss-inline-rtl as this wouldn't exist without these!

See PostCSS docs for examples for your environment.