Have you ever wanted to have a way of generating and manipulating a complex JSON structure through graphical means?

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  import sedehFreeJson from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sedeh/free-json';


Welcome to Free JSON!

Have you ever wanted to have a way of generating and manipulating a complex JSON structure through graphical means?

This library provides Angular 4 components that enables you to create / modify JSON structures through drag/drop, or click/edit just by adding FreeJsonModule into your AppModule.

NOTE: If your project still is angular 2, 4, or 5; please luck-down your version reference to flexible table to 1.1.1 version by removing ^ from the version dependency in your package json. Otherwise for Angular 6+, please use 1.1.2 version or higher.

NOTE: Starting with version 1.2.1 you need to import this library through @sedeh/free-json.

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    "@sedeh/drag-enabled": "^2.1.0",
    "font-awesome": "^4.7.0",


export enum NodeType {
  literal = 1,
  pair = 2,
  json = 3,
  array = 4
export interface Node {
  id: number,
  name: string,
  value: string,
  parent: NodeType,
  parentNode?: Node,
  type: NodeType,
  children: Node[],
  expanded?: boolean,
  isRoot?: boolean
export enum ActionType {
  add = 1,
  remove = 2,
  move = 3,
  modified = 4

Sample code

    (onpublish)="getLatest($event)" ></free-json>	


myJSONtree = {
    firstname: "masoud",
    lastname: "salehi",
    address: {
      street: "2345 blagio dr",
      city: "Los Angeles",
      contries: ["US","BS","CS"]
    data: [
Version Description
2.0.0 updated to Angular 8.
1.2.2 updated dependencies to fix IE drag/drop problem.
1.2.1 updated dependencies.
1.2.0 It was brought to my attention that some users have trouble using my components in their angular 6 environment. Since I had only updated few dependencies when moved to Angular 6, I am thinking dependencies are causing issues. So, for this release, I am updating all dependencies to what Angular 6 applications are expecting to have. Please let me know if this is fixing or not fixing any issues you are facing.
1.1.2 rolling to angular 6+ after fixing the dependency issue.
1.1.1 Temporary roll-back to angular 5. I forgot to luck-down the dependencies for angular 5 before upgrading to angular 6. this will cause problem if you are still using angular 5.
1.1.0 Updated libraries to become compatible with Angular 6+.
1.0.0 Compiled with AOT option and resolved issues.
0.0.2 updated dependencies.
0.0.0 Initial release.

Sample of code in Action:

alt text