Todo parser that uses babylon, Babel's parser

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  import seedTodos from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@seed/todos';



Getting Started

This package is intended to be used as an npm script inside your project's package.json file. After it is installed as a dependency, it makes available a todos command within your npm environment.

To install it:

npm install @seed/todos --save-dev

Once installed, you can add it to your package.json as follows:

  "scripts": {
    "todos": "todos -o todos.md 'src/**/*.js' 'test/**/*.js'",

Then whenever you run npm run todos in your project, it will walk the given path globs, parsing any files it sees using babylon (so it will use your .babelrc if present), and pull out any FIXME, TODO, or NOTE comments into a markdown file (in the above case, the output would go into todos.md).


While there are several todo parsers on the market, none currently use babylon to parse the source, so those using advanced features of ES6/7 are left without many options. Other parsers tend to use esprima or acorn for parsing, or if they do not fully parse the source, they use regular expressions to match comments. There are many problems with these approaches, such as multi-line comments and static class properties. This package solves those problems by fully parsing your source using the same parser used to transpile it (assuming you are using Babel).


There's really only one option at this point:

  • -o <file>: specify an output file. If not given, it will output to stdout. Any other arguments will be interpreted as path globs to search for files with. Output format is markdown.


There is currently no style guide or linting. I will fix that. Please keep it clean and follow the style of the existing code for the time being.