Dropdown component pack for Seed

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  import seedcssSeedDropdown from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@seedcss/seed-dropdown';



npm version

Dropdown component pack for Seed


npm install @seedcss/seed-dropdown --save


Check out our documentation of this pack.

Basic Usage


This seed pack needs to be imported into your sass pipeline. Below is an example using Gulp:

const gulp = require("gulp");
const sass = require("gulp-sass");
const pathfinder = require("sass-pathfinder");
const pack = require("@seedcss/seed-dropdown");

gulp.task("sass", function() {
  return gulp
        includePaths: pathfinder(
          // Other includePaths...

Once that is setup, simply @import seed-dropdown as needed in your .scss file:

// Packs
@import "pack/seed-dropdown/_index";


The following variables can be found in _config.scss

// Dropdown :: Config

// Namespaces
$seed-dropdown-namespace: c-dropdown !default;
$seed-dropdown-header-namespace: #{$seed-dropdown-namespace}__header !default;
$seed-dropdown-menu-namespace: #{$seed-dropdown-namespace}__menu !default;
$seed-dropdown-toggle-namespace: #{$seed-dropdown-namespace}__toggle !default;
// Namespaces: States
$seed-dropdown-open-namespace: open !default;
$seed-dropdown-disabled-namespace: disabled !default;

// Namespaces of other seed packs
$seed-caret-namespace: "c-caret" !default;
$seed-list-namespace: "c-list" !default;
$seed-list-item-namespace: #{$seed-list-namespace}__item !default;

// Config: Toggle
$seed-dropdown-toggle-background-color-open: rgba(black, 0.1) !default;
$seed-dropdown-toggle-caret-enable: true !default;
$seed-dropdown-toggle-caret-margin-left: 6px !default;
$seed-dropdown-toggle-caret-size: 4px !default;
$seed-dropdown-toggle-z-index: 1 !default;
// Config: Menu
$seed-dropdown-menu-margin: 2px 0 0 !default;
$seed-dropdown-menu-max-width: 480px !default;
$seed-dropdown-menu-min-width: 160px !default;
$seed-dropdown-menu-padding: 4px 0 !default;
$seed-dropdown-menu-z-index: 1000 !default;
// Config: Menu divier
$seed-dropdown-menu-divider-border: 1px solid #eee !default;
$seed-dropdown-menu-divider-offset: 8px !default;
// Config: Menu item
$seed-dropdown-menu-item-background-color-hover: #f5f5f5 !default;
$seed-dropdown-menu-item-color: #2b2b2b !default;
$seed-dropdown-menu-item-padding: 20px !default;
$seed-dropdown-menu-item-opacity-disabled: 0.5 !default;
$seed-dropdown-menu-item-white-space: nowrap !default;
// Config: Header
$seed-dropdown-header-color: #A5B2BD !default;
$seed-dropdown-header-font-size: 80% !default;
$seed-dropdown-header-line-height: 1.1 !default;
$seed-dropdown-header-margin: 0 !default;
$seed-dropdown-header-padding: 5px $seed-dropdown-menu-item-padding !default;
$seed-dropdown-header-white-space: nowrap !default;

// Config: Caret directions
$seed-dropdown-caret-directions: (
  up: (
    transform: rotate(180deg)
  down: (
    transform: rotate(0deg)
) !default;

// Config: Drop directions
$seed-dropdown-drop-directions: (
  up: (
    bottom: 100%,
    margin-bottom: 2px,
    top: auto
  down: (
    bottom: auto,
    margin-top: 2px,
    top: 100%
  left: (
    left: 0,
    right: auto
  right: (
    left: auto,
    right: 0
) !default;