Rehype plugin to run selective lint

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Selective Rehype">

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Use CSS Selectors to describe anti-patterns in HTML


# npm
npm install @selective/rehype

# yarn
yarn add @selective/rehype

Creating Rules

create a configuration in a .selective file.

@selective/rehype will look for a config.selective file in the current folder by default.

The rules language is designed to work similar to CSS. Use a CSS Selector to find HTML elements.

Instead of the usual style rules, linter rules are used.

  • name a unique identifier for easily tracking down the rule
  • description an explanation of the problem.
  • recommended how this will be reported, can be one of:
    • error will stop processing and return an error code
    • warn will continue processing, but highlight as important, no error code.
    • info will continue processing, no error code.
    • off disabled

Example Rules

img:not([alt]) {
  name: "img-alt";
  description: "image tag must contain an alt property";
  recommended: warn;

img:not([src]) {
  name: "img-src";
  description: "image tag must contain an src property";
  recommended: warn;

ol > :not(li),
ul > :not(li),
:not(ol) > li,
:not(ul) > li {
  name: "list-item";
  description: "unorder lists, ordered lists, and list items must have a direction relationship";
  recommended: warn;

Rehype CLI Usage

in package.json through rehype.

  "devDependencies": {
    "rehype": "^5.0.0",
    "@selective/rehype": "0.0.3"
  "rehype": {
    "plugins": ["@selective/rehype"]

this can be additionally customized with a custom config file path

  "devDependencies": {
    "rehype": "^5.0.0",
    "@selective/rehype": "0.0.3"
  "rehype": {
    "plugins": [["@selective/rehype", { "config": "custom.selective" }]]

Programmatic Usage

const rehype = require("rehype");
const selectiveRehype = require("@selective/rehype");
const { readFileSync } = require("fs");

  .use(selectiveRehype, {
    config: "config.selective",
  .process(readFileSync("somefile.html"), (err) => {