Universal Components for sellerspot eco-system.

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import sellerspotUniversalComponents from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sellerspot/universal-components';


Universal Components for SellerSpot Ecosystem.

Development flow

  • npm run dev
  • npm run storybook

To build

  • npm run bulid


  • npm run lint | npm run lint:fix

package build and deploy flow

  1. build locally using npm run build
  2. link locally with npm npm link - this will add the package to local npm repositoy
  3. use the npm install <directory-output-from-above-command-output> in any project and do checks
  4. if everything ok, do npm version <version-type> -m <changes-log-message-string> => note:- version-type will be one of these major | minor | patch
  5. then run npm publish --access public note:- this needs authentication - should be the dev team member in npm.

Note - while setting dev env:

husky needs to be installed manually as the postinstall script of husky affects on global npm pacakge , when consumer installs

Storybook Link

The latest storybook release for Universal-Components can be accessed from https://master--607324608a96df00213a5a33.chromatic.com/