Eslint config used internally at Selvklart.

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import selvklartEslintConfig from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@selvklart/eslint-config';



ESLint shareable config used internally at Norwegian company Selvklart AS.


npm install --save-dev eslint @selvklart/eslint-config



  "extends": "@selvklart/eslint-config/react",

Other projects

Once the @selvklart/eslint-config package is installed, you can use it by specifying @selvklart/eslint-config in the extends section of your ESLint configuration.

  "extends": "@selvklart/eslint-config",
  "rules": {
    // Additional, per-project rules...


Deployment is simple enough that we don't bother with any automation of the process. Just merge your changes to master and use the built in npm tools to tag the new version and publish it. Just remember to push the tag to GitHub when you're done.

npm version vX.X.X
npm publish
git push --tags origin master

Choose a new version number appropriate for your changes, but remember to use semantic versioning. Any changes to the config that are likely to flag errors in code that passed previously should bump the major version.

This means you can usually relax or remove rules while only bumping the minor version, but you should not add a new rule or make an existing one stricter without also bumping the major version.


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