Redux bridge for SeminarCatalog API Javascript SDK

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SeminarCatalog Redux

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This project is the official redux bridge for the SeminarCatalog Javascript SDK of the SeminarCatalog developed by the Databay AG.

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Install this package via yarn:

yarn add @seminarcatalog/redux


Install this package via npm:

npm install @seminarcatalog/redux --save

Getting Started

Please follow the installation instruction and execute the following JS code:

import { combineReducers, createStore } from 'redux';
import promise from 'redux-promise-middleware';
import thunk from 'redux-thunk';
import {ADDRESS} from "@seminarcatalog/redux";

const reducers = combineReducers({
    address: ADDRESS.reducer

const store = createStore(reducers, applyMiddleware(thunk, promise));

    .then(() => console.log(ADDRESS.selectors.getList(store.getState()));


SeminarCatalog/redux is an open-source project which is mainly developed and maintained by Databay AG. You're interested in checking out how seminarcatalog/redux works and/or want to contribute to this project? Then checkout our contribution guide!


This project is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE document.


Documentation for redux resources

Resource Api Endpoint Reducer Selectors Actions
Address AddressApi ADDRESS.reducer ADDRESS.selectors ADDRESS.actions
BookingInterest BookingInterestApi BOOKINGINTEREST.reducer BOOKINGINTEREST.selectors BOOKINGINTEREST.actions
Category CategoryApi CATEGORY.reducer CATEGORY.selectors CATEGORY.actions
Certificate CertificateApi CERTIFICATE.reducer CERTIFICATE.selectors CERTIFICATE.actions
ContactPerson ContactPersonApi CONTACTPERSON.reducer CONTACTPERSON.selectors CONTACTPERSON.actions
Country CountryApi COUNTRY.reducer COUNTRY.selectors COUNTRY.actions
Coupon CouponApi COUPON.reducer COUPON.selectors COUPON.actions
CouponCode CouponCodeApi COUPONCODE.reducer COUPONCODE.selectors COUPONCODE.actions
Currency CurrencyApi CURRENCY.reducer CURRENCY.selectors CURRENCY.actions
Event EventApi EVENT.reducer EVENT.selectors EVENT.actions
Hotel HotelApi HOTEL.reducer HOTEL.selectors HOTEL.actions
Language LanguageApi LANGUAGE.reducer LANGUAGE.selectors LANGUAGE.actions
Location LocationApi LOCATION.reducer LOCATION.selectors LOCATION.actions
Media MediaApi MEDIA.reducer MEDIA.selectors MEDIA.actions
Order OrderApi ORDER.reducer ORDER.selectors ORDER.actions
Organizer OrganizerApi ORGANIZER.reducer ORGANIZER.selectors ORGANIZER.actions
Participant ParticipantApi PARTICIPANT.reducer PARTICIPANT.selectors PARTICIPANT.actions
Participation ParticipationApi PARTICIPATION.reducer PARTICIPATION.selectors PARTICIPATION.actions
ParticipationCode ParticipationCodeApi PARTICIPATIONCODE.reducer PARTICIPATIONCODE.selectors PARTICIPATIONCODE.actions
Partner PartnerApi PARTNER.reducer PARTNER.selectors PARTNER.actions
PaymentMethod PaymentMethodApi PAYMENTMETHOD.reducer PAYMENTMETHOD.selectors PAYMENTMETHOD.actions
Price PriceApi PRICE.reducer PRICE.selectors PRICE.actions
Product ProductApi PRODUCT.reducer PRODUCT.selectors PRODUCT.actions
ProductVariant ProductVariantApi PRODUCTVARIANT.reducer PRODUCTVARIANT.selectors PRODUCTVARIANT.actions
ProviderInfo ProviderInfoApi PROVIDERINFO.reducer PROVIDERINFO.selectors PROVIDERINFO.actions
Receiver ReceiverApi RECEIVER.reducer RECEIVER.selectors RECEIVER.actions
Region RegionApi REGION.reducer REGION.selectors REGION.actions
Restaurant RestaurantApi RESTAURANT.reducer RESTAURANT.selectors RESTAURANT.actions
RevenueAccount RevenueAccountApi REVENUEACCOUNT.reducer REVENUEACCOUNT.selectors REVENUEACCOUNT.actions
RoleDiscount RoleDiscountApi ROLEDISCOUNT.reducer ROLEDISCOUNT.selectors ROLEDISCOUNT.actions
Seminar SeminarApi SEMINAR.reducer SEMINAR.selectors SEMINAR.actions
SeminarConfiguration SeminarConfigurationApi SEMINARCONFIGURATION.reducer SEMINARCONFIGURATION.selectors SEMINARCONFIGURATION.actions
Subscription SubscriptionApi SUBSCRIPTION.reducer SUBSCRIPTION.selectors SUBSCRIPTION.actions
SubscriptionPlan SubscriptionPlanApi SUBSCRIPTIONPLAN.reducer SUBSCRIPTIONPLAN.selectors SUBSCRIPTIONPLAN.actions
Task TaskApi TASK.reducer TASK.selectors TASK.actions
Test TestApi TEST.reducer TEST.selectors TEST.actions
TestResult TestResultApi TESTRESULT.reducer TESTRESULT.selectors TESTRESULT.actions
Topic TopicApi TOPIC.reducer TOPIC.selectors TOPIC.actions
Trainer TrainerApi TRAINER.reducer TRAINER.selectors TRAINER.actions
User UserApi USER.reducer USER.selectors USER.actions
UserGroup UserGroupApi USERGROUP.reducer USERGROUP.selectors USERGROUP.actions
Vat VatApi VAT.reducer VAT.selectors VAT.actions
VatItem VatItemApi VATITEM.reducer VATITEM.selectors VATITEM.actions
WaitingList WaitingListApi WAITINGLIST.reducer WAITINGLIST.selectors WAITINGLIST.actions

Documentation for internals


A helper function to create a redux action creator function to handle async calls.

function createAsyncAction(type, prepareFn?)

Usually this function is only used internaly. But if you want to create your own async action creator function, you can do this with:

const asyncTopicList = createAsyncAction('topic/list', ({payload}) => ({
payload: () => new Promise((resolve) => setTimeout(() => { resolve (payload) }, 2000))

const action = asyncTopicList('myPayload');
// { type: 'topic/list/request', payload: () => new Promise() }

// topic/list/request

console.log(`Action name is ${action}`)
// Action name is topic/list/request

// topic/list/success

// topic/list/failure

The onSuccess action is dispatched, if the payload resolves, otherwise onFailure is dispatched.


A helper function to create crud action creators for a given resource.

function createResourceActions(resource, apiEndpoint)

This function can be used to create redux crud actions based on a @seminarcatalog/sdk api endpoint.

import {TopicApi} from '@seminarcatalog/sdk';

const topicActions = createResourceActions('topic', TopicApi);

    LIST: Function, // { type: 'topic/list/request', payload: Topic.topicList }
    GET: Function,  // { type: 'topic/get/request', payload: Topic.topicGet }
    CREATE: Function, // { type: 'topic/create/request', payload: Topic.topicCreate }
    UPDATE: Function, // { type: 'topic/update/request', payload: Topic.topicUpdate }
    DELETE: Function, // { type: 'topic/delete/request', payload: Topic.topicDelete }


A helper function to create a collection of selector function to select data from state.

function createResourceSelectors(resource)

This function can be used to create a set of selectors for a given resource

const topicSelectors = createResourceSelectors('topic');

const state = { /* the curent state */ };

// A list of topics [{id: 1, ...}, {id: 2, ...}]

console.log(topicSelectors.getItem(state, 1));
// A topic {id: 1, ...}


A helper function to create the entity reducer for a resource

function createEntityReducer(resource, actions)

This function can be used to create an entity reducer for a set of crud actions and a defined resource. The created reducers reduces the state for the resource onSuccess list, get, create, update or delete action.

const action = createResourceActions('topic');
const topicReducer = createEntityReducer('topic', actions);

    [action.LIST.onSucces]: fn(state, action),
    [action.GET.onSucces]: fn(state, action),
    [action.CREATE.onSucces]: fn(state, action),
    [action.UPDATE.onSucces]: fn(state, action),
    [action.DELETE.onSucces]: fn(state, action)


A helper function to create a combined reducer for all resource reducers.

function createResourceReducer(resource, actions)

This function can be used to create a combined reducer of all resource reducers. Currently the following reducers are combinded into one resource reducer:

const actions = createResourceActions('topic');
const resourceReducer = createResourceReducer('topic', actions);

    entities: createEntityReducer('topic')


A helper function to create a collection object for all redux function of a defined resource.

function createReduxResource(resource, apoEndpoint)

This function is the all-in-one creator function for a resource to create a resource reducer, resource crud actions and resource selectors and collects them in one object. The library uses this function to provide the full functionality for all @seminarcatalog/sdk endpoints.

import {TopicApi} from '@seminarcatalog/sdk';

const TOPIC = createReduxResource('topic', TopicApi);


This SDK is automatically generated by the Swagger Codegen project:

  • API version: 1.0.0
  • Build package: de.databay.seminarcatalog.codegen.DatabayReduxGenerator For more information, please visit https://www.databay.de