Utilities to use loracloud.com in Node-RED

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  import semtechWspAppsNodeRedContribLoracloudUtils from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@semtech-wsp-apps/node-red-contrib-loracloud-utils';



This package is a collection of nodes for Node-RED which helps connection to LoRa Cloud. An example is included to demonstrate a LoRaWAN application server working with Semtech modems.

Detailed instructions are provided on online documentation.

Provided nodes are:

  • LoRa Network servers connectors, formating payload from LNS for LoRa Cloud Device & Application services. Compatible with
    • TTN (V2, V3)
    • Actility Thingspark
  • LoRa Cloud Device & Application services parser.

This has been developped with Node v12.14.1

Development installation

npm install --only=dev


npm test

Install in local Node-RED

In Node-Red installation path, enter:

npm install /path/to/cloned/repository/node-red-contrib-loracloud-utils

From Node-Red documentation:

In your node-red user directory, typically ~/.node-red, run:

npm install <location of node module>

Security note

Node-RED has issued the security advisory CVE-2021-21297. In result node-red-contrib-loracloud-utils has been updated in v1.2.2 to set Node-RED minimal version to v1.2.8, which fix it. Please update your Node-RED installation.