Productivity and performance optimization tool for building applications with Sencha Ext JS and Sencha Touch.

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Sencha Cmd

Sencha Cmd is the cornerstone for building your Sencha Ext JS and Sencha Touch applications. Sencha Cmd provides a full set of lifecycle management features such as scaffolding, code minification, production build generation, and more, to complement your Sencha projects.

How to use this package?

This is an NPM installer for Sencha Cmd, it allows you to install Sencha Cmd into your project (locally) or to your system (globally).

To install Sencha Cmd globally

To add the sencha command to your system install this module globally:

$ npm install -g sencha-cmd

The sencha command should be available in your command prompt immediately after.

To use as a package dependency:

Install sencha-cmd with --save:

$ npm install --save sencha-cmd

You can then use the sencha command in your npm scripts.


Sencha Cmd is licensed commercially for free.
See http://www.sencha.com/legal/sencha-tools-software-license-agreement for license terms. For third party licenses see LICENSE.md

User feedback


If you have any problems with or questions about Sencha Cmd or this module, please use our Forums or Support Portal.