ext-build - CLI tool for Sencha Ext JS

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import senchaExtBuild from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sencha/ext-build';



Sencha Cmd functionality in Node


Install npm (we assume you have pre-installed node.js).

npm install -g @sencha/ext-build

Command line help

  • ext-build
  • eb


  • ext-build generate app --sdk 'Ext/ext-7.3.0' --template 'universalmodern' MyApp ./MyApp
  • ext-build gen app -s 'Ext/ext-7.3.0' -t 'universalmodern' MyApp ./MyApp
  • eb g a -s 'Ext/ext-7.3.0' -t 'universalmodern' MyApp ./MyApp
  • ext-build generate viewpackage settings

Commands Available

  • ext-build generate app (name) (path)
  • ext-build generate viewpackage (view)

Commands Options

  • generate, gen, g
  • application, app, a
  • viewpackage, vp

Options Available

  • --builds -b (--builds "desktop:modern,theme-material;phone:modern,theme-material;" is default)
  • --debug -d (shows debug messages)
  • --force (deletes application, if present, before generate app (BE CAREFUL WITH THIS!))
  • --sdk -s (path to Ext JS sdk - currently required for gen app, no running from sdk folder...)
  • --template -t (name of app template to use - only one currently - universalmodern)


  • Tested with Ext JS Version 7.3.0