A foundation for React 16+ apps built with ExtReact components.

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  import senchaExtReactModernBoilerplate from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sencha/ext-react-modern-boilerplate';


ExtReact Modern Boilerplate

A foundation for React apps built with ExtReact components.

Quick Start

ExtReact and all related packages are hosted on Sencha's private NPM registry. To gain access to this registry, sign up for a trial of ExtReact.

Once you have received your credentials, you can authenticate by running the following command:

npm login --registry=http://npm.sencha.com --scope=@sencha

Then, run the following to clone and build the project:

git clone https://github.com/sencha/ext-react.git
cd ext-react/packages/ext-react-modern-boilerplate
npm install
npm start

This will start the app and open it in a browser window. By default it tries to find an open port starting with 1962. You can override the default port by providing --env.port=(port) as a command line argument.

For example to use port 1963:

npm start -- --env.port=1963

You can also run and serve a production build using:

npm run build
npm run prod


This application uses jest to run unit tests. You can run them with:

npm test

When you make changes, update test snapshots by running:

npm run update-snapshots