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This package is part of a monorepo, please see this README for details.

Inbound Parse Service for the SendGrid Inbound Parse API

This package helps get you started consuming and processing Inbound Parse data.

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  • Node.js version 6, 8 or >=10
  • A Twilio SendGrid account, sign up for free to send up to 40,000 emails for the first 30 days or check out our pricing.

Obtain an API Key

Grab your API Key from the Twilio SendGrid UI.

Install Package

The following recommended installation requires npm. If you are unfamiliar with npm, see the npm docs. Npm comes installed with Node.js since node version 0.8.x, therefore, you likely already have it.

npm install --save @sendgrid/inbound-mail-parser

You may also use yarn to install.

yarn add @sendgrid/inbound-mail-parser

How to Contribute

We encourage contribution to our libraries (you might even score some nifty swag), please see our CONTRIBUTING guide for details.


Please see our troubleshooting guide for common library issues.


@sendgrid/inbound-mail-parser is maintained and funded by Twilio SendGrid, Inc. The names and logos for @sendgrid/inbound-mail-parser are trademarks of Twilio SendGrid, Inc.

If you need help installing or using the library, please check the Twilio SendGrid Support Help Center.

If you've instead found a bug in the library or would like new features added, go ahead and open issues or pull requests against this repo!

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