Handle dependency relationships on entity verison

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Handle dependency relationships on entity verison

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  • Only works on @seneca/entity-history enabled ents (as per ent option of @seneca/entity-history).

Message Tutorial

These can be run interactively with [seneca-repl](senecajs/seneca-repl. To use in code, call with let out = await seneca.post(msg).

Create some entities

> sys:entity,cmd:save,name:foo,ent:{x:1,y:'Y'} => foo1=out
{ id: <ID>, x: 1, y: 'Y' }
> sys:entity,cmd:save,name:foo,ent:{x:2,y:'YY'} => foo2=out
{ id: <ID>, x: 2, y: 'YY' }

Create a dependency

> sys:entity,rig:depend,name:foo,make:child,parent_id:`$.foo1.id` => foo1c1=out
{ id: <ID>, x: 1, y: 'Y' }

Pull latest updates from parent, child's changes have precedence

Pulls all changes from previous pull point (initially the depend point). Default is to keep child's conflicting changes.

> sys:entity,rig:depend,name:foo,pull:parent,child_id:`$.foo1c1.id` => foo1c1=out

Pull latest updates from parent, parents's changes have precedence

> sys:entity,rig:depend,name:foo,pull:parent,keep:parent,child_id:`$.foo1c1.id` 
    => foo1c1=out

Pull latest updates from child

Pulls all changes since previous pull point (initially the depend point). Default is to keep parent's conflicting changes.

> sys:entity,rig:depend,name:foo,pull:child,parent_id:`$.foo1.id`,child_id:`$.foo1c1.id` 
    => foo1=out

Keep child's conflicting changes:

> sys:entity,rig:depend,name:foo,pull:child,keep:child,parent_id:`$.foo1.id`,child_id:`$.foo1c1.id` 
    => foo1=out

Parent to child relationship is one-to-many. Thus pull:child needs both child_id and parent_id.

Generate a pull request

> sys:entity,rig:depend,name:foo,pull:child,make:request,parent_id:`$.foo1.id`,child_id:`$.foo1c1.id` 
    => pr0=out

Pull request operations

List pull requests against child and parent, as provided

> sys:entity,rig:depend,name:foo,list:request,parent_id?,child_id?

Apply a pull request. Same as applying pull operation above.

> sys:entity,rig:depend,name:foo,apply:request,request_id

Preview pull operation

See which fields are changed in parent and child.

> sys:entity,rig:depend,name:foo,pull-preview:parent,child_id:`$.foo1c1.id` => preview1=out

Pull latest updates from parent, specific version

Pulls all changes from specified version. NOTE: uses entity-history directly

> sys:entity,rig:depend,entity:depend,ent:{name:foo,id:`$.foo1`} => h0=out.items
> sys:entity,rig:depend,name:foo,pull:parent,child_id:`$.foo1c1.id`,
    parent_ver_id:`$.h0[0].id` => foo1c1=out



  • sys/entdep: Dependency relationships established with make:child
  • sys/pullhist: Pull history.
  • sys/pullreq: Pull requests.


  • Patterns should support ent param as well as top level base,name,id.
  • Support make:parent