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  import senecaEntityHistory from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@seneca/entity-history';


@seneca/entity-history 0.2.0

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Version history for entities

Voxgig This open source module is sponsored and supported by Voxgig.


  • is_finder:true field in sys/entver allows current version details to be loaded directly. Thus there is always one more entry than the actual number of versions.


  • `` : object " "

Set plugin options when loading with:

seneca.use('entity-history', { name: value, ... })

Note: foo.bar in the list above means { foo: { bar: ... } }

Action Patterns

Action Descriptions

« role:entity,cmd:save »

No description provided.

« sys:enthist,enthist:list »

No description provided.

« sys:enthist,entity:restore »

No description provided.