Client-side Google authentication provider for sensenet

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  import sensenetAuthenticationGoogle from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sensenet/authentication-google';



This package contains a client-side Google Oauth2 authentication provider for sensenet.

NPM version NPM downloads License: GPL v2


# Yarn
yarn add @sensenet/authentication-google

npm install @sensenet/authentication-google




You can set up the Provider after creating your repository singleton with the addGoogleAuth method

import { Repository } from '@sensenet/client-core'
import { JwtService } from '@sensenet/authentication-jwt'
import { addGoogleAuth } from '@sensenet/authentication-google'

const repo = new Repository()
const jwt = new JwtService(repo)
const googleOauthProvider = addGoogleAuth(jwt, { clientId: '' })


In your login component, you can use the following snippet. If you don't provide an id_token from an external component, the package will try to retrieve it using a popup window (in that case you have to enable popups and add a callback pointing to your window's origin)

// an example login method with an optional idToken:
async Login(idToken?: string){
 try {
     await googleOauthProvider.login(idToken);
     console.log('Logged in');
 } catch (error) {
    console.warn('Error during login', error);