CouchDB salt and password generation with PBKDF2

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@sensu/couch-pwd Build Status

An up-to-date version of couch-pwd that is actually published.

Hash and compare passwords with the crypto's pbkdf2. Heavily inspired by node-pwd.

Uses the following values as defaults

  • iterations = 10
  • keylen = 20
  • size = 16
  • encoding = 'hex'

The resulting salt and password Strings are the same you'd get when you save a user to CouchDB and let CouchDB do all the hashing for you.

Module has two goals

  • verify user passwords without making requests to /_session API
  • use the same hashing algorithm for other databases


npm install couch-pwd


On signup generate a salt / password hash, and save it somewhere:

var pwd = require('couch-pwd');
pwd.hash('my password', function(err, salt, hash){
  user.salt = salt;
  user.hash = hash;

To authenticate load and compare:

var pwd = require('couch-pwd');
pwd.hash('submitted password', user.salt, function(err, hash){
  if (user.hash == hash) {
    // yay