The TypeScript compiler with onSuccess command

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  import sensuTscWatch from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sensu/tsc-watch';


The TypeScript compiler with --watch and a new onSuccess argument

tsc-watch starts the tsc (TypeScript compiler) with --watch parameter, it also adds a new argument --onSuccess COMMAND. this COMMAND will be executed on every successful TypeScript compilation.


npm install tsc-watch --save-dev


tsc-watch server.ts --outDir ./dist --onSuccess "node ./dist/server.ts"


  • The COMMAND will not run if the compilation failed.
  • The child process (COMMAND) will be terminated before creating a new one.
  • tsc-watch is using the currently installed TypeScript compiler.
  • tsc-watch is not changing the compiler, just adds the new arguments, compilation is the same, and all other arguments are the same.
  • tsc-watch was created to allow an easy dev process with TypeScript. Commonly used to restart a node server.