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Sentry Webpack Plugin

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A webpack plugin acting as an interface to Sentry CLI.


Using npm:

$ npm install @sentry/webpack-plugin --save-dev

Using yarn:

$ yarn add @sentry/webpack-plugin --dev

CLI Configuration

You can use either .sentryclirc file or ENV variables described here https://docs.sentry.io/cli/configuration.


const SentryCliPlugin = require('@sentry/webpack-plugin');

const config = {
  plugins: [
    new SentryCliPlugin({
      include: '.',
      ignoreFile: '.sentrycliignore',
      ignore: ['node_modules', 'webpack.config.js'],
      configFile: 'sentry.properties',

Also, check the example directory.


Option Type Required Description
include string/array required One or more paths that Sentry CLI should scan recursively for sources. It will upload all .map files and match associated .js files.
org string optional The slug of the Sentry organization associated with the app.
project string optional The slug of the Sentry project associated with the app.
authToken string optional The authentication token to use for all communication with Sentry. Can be obtained from https://sentry.io/settings/account/api/auth-tokens/. Required scopes: project:releases (and org:read if setCommits option is used).
url string optional The base URL of your Sentry instance. Defaults to https://sentry.io/, which is the correct value for SAAS customers.
vcsRemote string optional The name of the remote in the version control system. Defaults to origin.
release string optional Unique identifier for the release. Defaults to the output of the sentry-cli releases propose-version command, which automatically detects values for Cordova, Heroku, AWS CodeBuild, CircleCI, Xcode, and Gradle, and otherwise uses HEAD's commit SHA. (For HEAD option, requires access to git CLI and for the root directory to be a valid repository).
dist string optional Unique identifier for the distribution, used to further segment your release. Usually your build number.
entries array/RegExp/function(key: string): bool optional Filter for entry points that should be processed. By default, the release will be injected into all entry points.
ignoreFile string optional Path to a file containing list of files/directories to ignore. Can point to .gitignore or anything with the same format.
ignore string/array optional One or more paths to ignore during upload. Overrides entries in ignoreFile file. If neither ignoreFile nor ignore is present, defaults to ['node_modules'].
configFile string optional Path to Sentry CLI config properties, as described in https://docs.sentry.io/product/cli/configuration/#configuration-file. By default, the config file is looked for upwards from the current path, and defaults from ~/.sentryclirc are always loaded
ext array optional The file extensions to be considered. By default the following file extensions are processed: js, map, jsbundle, and bundle.
urlPrefix string optional URL prefix to add to the beginning of all filenames. Defaults to ~/ but you might want to set this to the full URL. This is also useful if your files are stored in a sub folder. eg: url-prefix '~/static/js'.
urlSuffix string optional URL suffix to add to the end of all filenames. Useful for appending query parameters.
validate boolean optional When true, attempts source map validation before upload if rewriting is not enabled. It will spot a variety of issues with source maps and cancel the upload if any are found. Defaults to false to prevent false positives canceling upload.
stripPrefix array optional When paired with rewrite, will remove a prefix from uploaded filenames. Useful for removing a path that is build-machine-specific.
stripCommonPrefix boolean optional When paired with rewrite, will add ~ to the stripPrefix array. Defaults to false.
sourceMapReference boolean optional Prevents the automatic detection of sourcemap references. Defaults to false.
rewrite boolean optional Enables rewriting of matching source maps so that indexed maps are flattened and missing sources are inlined if possible. Defaults to true
finalize boolean optional Determines whether Sentry release record should be automatically finalized (date_released timestamp added) after artifact upload. Defaults to true
dryRun boolean optional Attempts a dry run (useful for dev environments). Defaults to false.
debug boolean optional Print useful debug information. Defaults to false.
silent boolean optional Suppresses all logs (useful for --json option). Defaults to false.
cleanArtifacts boolean optional Remove all the artifacts in the release before the upload. Defaults to false.
errorHandler function(err: Error, invokeErr: function(): void, compilation: Compilation): void optional Function to call a when CLI error occurs. Webpack compilation failure can be triggered by calling invokeErr callback. Can emit a warning rather than an error (allowing compilation to continue) by setting this to (err, invokeErr, compilation) => { compilation.warnings.push('Sentry CLI Plugin: ' + err.message) }. Defaults to (err, invokeErr) => { invokeErr() }.
setCommits Object optional Adds commits to Sentry. See table below for details.
deploy Object optional Creates a new release deployment in Sentry. See table below for details.


Option Type Required Description
repo string see notes The full git repo name as defined in Sentry. Required if auto option is not true, otherwise optional.
commit string see notes The current (most recent) commit in the release. Required if auto option is not true, otherwise optional.
previousCommit string optional The last commit of the previous release. Defaults to the most recent commit of the previous release in Sentry, or if no previous release is found, 10 commits back from commit.
auto boolean optional Automatically set commit and previousCommit. Defaults commit to HEAD and previousCommit as described above. Overrides other options


Option Type Required Description
env string required Environment value for the release, for example production or staging.
started number optional UNIX timestamp for deployment start.
finished number optional UNIX timestamp for deployment finish.
time number optional Deployment duration in seconds. Can be used instead of started and finished.
name string optional Human-readable name for this deployment.
url string optional URL that points to the deployment.

You can find more information about these options in our official docs: https://docs.sentry.io/product/cli/releases/#sentry-cli-sourcemaps.