My Javascript development cli

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import seognilLabLaStarterCli from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@seognil-lab/la-starter-cli';


🛠️ What is this

A CLI to start a new project.

Appreciate to vue-cli.

⭐️ Provides

Make life easier :)

  • Download project boilerplate
  • Generate LICENSE and readme
  • Update package.json
  • npm and git init

📦 Getting Started

# install
npm i -g @seognil-lab/la-starter-cli

# command name
lcli -v
lcli --help

# create a new project
lcli create project-name

Don't forget to update readme.md and package.json of your project.

📜 References


It would be better to tweak the official npm global config first.
Setting Global NPM Defaults for Quick-starting New Projects
Because these values would be used to update the package.json of the new project

  • init-author-name
  • init-version
  • init-license

About my starters


  • Refactor cli main code
  • update checker
  • Gen license using spdx
  • ~/.lclirc feature
  • change publishConfig.registry command
  • license command
  • readme command
  • Better readme template for JS project
  • Only merge config files
  • merge like git merge?