Sepior Node.js S3 Library

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Sepior node-s3

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This is the Sepior S3 Library. This can be used on Node to handle Sepior encrypted files on Amazon S3.

Building the SDK

Make sure you have node installed (version 6 or later). Then do

npm install


First you need to initialise AWS and Sepior clients:

const AWS = require('aws-sdk')
const {SepiorServicesClient} = require('@sepior/sdk')
const {SepiorServicesS3} = require('@sepior/s3')
const awsS3Client = new AWS.S3()

awsS3Client.config.update({accessKeyId: 'accessKeyId', secretAccessKey: 'secretAccessKey'})
const sepiorClient = SepiorServicesClient.createPasswordBasedClient(['ks1.example.com', 'ks2.example.com', 'ks3.example.com'], 'someAppId', {'username': 'username', 'password': 'password'})
const seps3 = SepiorServicesS3.fetchClient(sepiorClient, awsS3Client)

Encrypting and uploading a file is done like this:

const fs = require('fs')
const inStream = fs.createReadStream('./foo.txt')
seps3.uploadData(s3Bucket, s3Key, inStream)
    .then(data => {

You can also encrypt and upload a buffer by passing a buffer to uploadData instead of a stream.

Downloading and decrypting is very similar:

seps3.downloadData(s3Bucket, s3Key)
    .then(stream => {
        const outStream = fs.createWriteStream('./foo.txt')


To run the tests you must first set the proper credentials in environment variables (see test/test.json) and then run:

npm test


When contributing changes remember to update the CHANGELOG.md.


When releasing a new version (x.x.x) do the following:

  • Update the change log by creating a new section (headed [x.x.x]) containing the content of the unreleased section
  • Correct the package version in package.json
  • Commit these changes with the message: chore: Release x.x.x Notice: This commit should only contain the changes to package.json and CHANGELOG.md
  • Tag this commit git tag -a x.x.x -m "Release x.x.x"
  • Push commit and merge to master.
  • Push tags.