Redux reducers with dependency injection

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Redux dependency injection reducers


A function combineDiReducers() handles depedency injection into reducers in tree.


combineDiReducers() accepts reducer tree:

const reducerTree = {
  foo: makePlainReducer('initial foo', (state, action) => (
    action.type === 'UPDATE_ACTION' ? 'foo updated' : state
  bar: makeDiReducer(
    'initial foo',
    {foo: '@foo', fox: '@baz.fox'},
    (state, action, {foo, fox}, changes: ExReducerDependenciesChanges) => {
        if (changes.for('foo')) return foo;
        else if (changes.for('fox')) return fox;
        return state;
  baz: {
    fox: makeDiReducer(
        'initial state',
        {foo: '@foo'},
        (state, action, {foo}, changes: ExReducerDependenciesChanges) => {
            return changes.yes() ? foo : state;
const rootReducer = combineDiReducers(reducerTree);
  • makePlainReducer(): returns reducer which handles initial state
  • makeDiReducer: returns reducer which handles initial state and has dependency specification stored
  • combineDiReducers(): returns a root reducer, which will traverse reducers tree and handle depedency injection.

Key features:

  • all depedencies are resolved in one cycle for one action
  • dependency paths formats:
    • @some.path: absolute path from any place in tree to root state
    • ^sibling.path: path to sibling branch
    • ^^parentSibling.path: path to parent's sibling branch
  • dependent ex reducers and plain reducers can be mixed in any order


  • no cycle depedencies
  • no dependencies to 'ancestors'


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