A now builder for ClojureScript projects using shadow-cljs

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A ▲ Now 2.0 builder for ClojureScript projects using shadow-clj. The builder will build your shadow-cljs targets and deploy them to ▲ Now.


  1. Create a shadow-cljs project. This builder supports building :browser and :node-library targets. If the target is :browser it will be deployed as a static page and if it is :node-library it will be deployed as a lambda function.

  2. Write a now.json file that uses @jntn/now-shadow-cljs. Note: If you do not specify a routes section, the build output will be available under the specified output folder. For :node-library it is the :output-to path and for :browser it is the :output-dir path.

For an example using both browser and node builds, see github.com/jntn/haiku

Example now.json

    "version": 2,
    "name": "haiku",
    "builds": [
            "src": "shadow-cljs.edn",
            "use": "@jntn/now-shadow-cljs"
    "routes": [
            "src": "/(.*)",
            "dest": "/public/$1"
            "src": "/api/(.*)",
            "dest": "/api/$1"

Example shadow-cljs.edn

{:builds {:haikus {:target :node-library
                   ;; Will be available at "/api/haikus"
                   :output-to "api/haikus/index.js"
                   :exports-var jntn.api.haikus/handler}
          :app {:target :browser
                ;; Will by default be available at "/public" but
                ;; using the now.json above it is reached at "/"
                :output-dir "public/js"
                :asset-path "js"
                :modules {:main {:entries [jntn.app.core]}}
                :devtools {:http-root "public"
                           :proxy-url "http://localhost:3000"
                           :http-port 8000}}}}


  • Right now the only supported build targets are :browser and :node-library.
  • The builder does not currently work with :deps true in shadow-cljs.edn.